Short Haircuts That You'll Love

Take a look at some great idea for a make-over. If you have long hair, maybe it's time for a haircut, and if you already have a short, perhaps it is time to change the color or a few asymmetric strands.

Are you tired of the same hair in the mirror? Be sure to analyze the new spring trend - short and semi-long hair with asymmetric fringes which in a romantic wave are falling over one side of the forehead. Such hairstyles suggest many big brands of hair - from Jacques Dessangea through Franck Provost, to Fabia Salsa and Lothmanna. Maybe this is just the hairstyle of your dreams for the upcoming spring?

Fabio Salsa proposes a semi-long hair, warm brown tone, with a wave falling over the side of the forehead.

Jacques Dessande opts for the classic - short and blue - just like in the 80-a