~ Ray october-"Love and beauty recipe" + Gimpo airport pics 08.08.29 ~

Gimpo Airport

Jaebun looks like u got a cold
and what in the world is that arround ur neck??

HAHA Minnie's bag is a "Killer"(dressed to kill) indeed!!

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~ TVXQ ROYAL CARDS+Tvxq morning excercise ~

Tvxq's morning excercise

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~ JaeJoong Called in Chin Chin [27Aug2008] ~

Here's the translation of the conversation:

T: Hello, this is SNSD's Taeyeon
JJ: Ah, hello, hello!
K: Hello, this is Super Junior's Kangin
*they all start laughing*
JJ: Hyung is there too, right? (i'm assuming the hyung is one of the guests on the show)
K: Hyung left..
JJ: He left? Ah.. I see..
T: Please greet yourself to our ChinChin family!
JJ: Ah.. yes.. hello, this is Dong Bang Shin Ki's Youngwoong Jae Joong!
K&T: waaah~!
T: It's nice to meet you!
JJ: Yes.. hello~
K: Where are you.. who are you with right now?
T: What were you doing?
JJ: Right now.. we were filming our music video. We took a short break for dinner, and i was just listening to the radio in the car..
K: Who are you listening with?
JJ: Right now, I'm listening by myself
K&T: Ah, really?
JJ: Yeah.. and now we have to get ready again [to film]
K: Since you're friends with me, you listened to the radio program I host, right?
JJ: I actually listen to ChinChin very often
T: really?
JJ: I listen to ChinChin often, but I have a lot of complaints
K: Why?
T: Complaints?
JJ: Because Kangin hyung.. Taeyeon-shi is so good to Kangin, but Kangin hyung keeps _____ (not sure!) so I wanted to talk to him. When I was in Japan, I tried calling Kangin hyung several times, but he would never answer the phone.
T: What has happened..
K: To tell you the truth, I have some debts..
*they all laugh*
T: But.. Jaejoong-shi
JJ: Yes?
T: You said you're filming your music video.. does that mean your album is going to be released?
JJ: Ah, yes
T: Around when will it be released?
JJ: Probably the middle, or end of September
T: Ahh.. does that mean we can anticipate DBSK's performances?
JJ: Yes.. the music is very.. there are many genres [he's talking about the music in the album] and I think this time, there are going to be very cool [.. not really the right word] performances
K: Woooow! So many people are waiting for your comeback.
T: Since a lot of people are listening to ChinChin..
K: I'm not even kidding, we're getting so many texts like "Jaejoong oppa is the best" "W want to talk to him~" "Oppa i love you~"
T: When you film your music video, eat well, get more energy~
K: When the album releases, you'll come on ChinChin right?
JJ: Ah, ChinChin?
T: Yes
JJ: *pause* of course!
T: you promised!
K: So you'll be on ChinChin first out of all your radio program schedules?
JJ: Of course!
K&T: *cheers*
JUNSU: Kangin hyung, pay your money back [LOL SO RANDOM HAHA]
*they all laugh*
JJ: Junsu just ran over here and told Kangin hyung to pay his money back
T: Ah, so Kangin-shi really has some debts!
K: To Junsu shi.. uhh.. I do have some ^^;; anyway we thank you very much and after the program ends we'll call you again!
*everyone says thank you and bye etc*

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The Neighbor Chapter 4+Ulsan MBC Anniversary of 2008 Big Music Fiesta +Yoochun Driving/Outside SM Building+ [Trans]August UFO replies+narration letter

Chase made it...Hehe...Finally!Chapter 4 is done!

The Neighbor ~Chapter 4~


" Yunho turned the television off with an annoyed jab on the remote. He tossed it on the table, and it landed on the small pile of newspaper clippings that their manager, Lee Jin Hyoon, had brought to their attention that morning.

"As expected," Jaejoong muttered, picking up a page and scanning the contents. "Dong Bang Shin Ki's Micky Yoochun, caught with Mystery Girl," he read aloud.

All eyes in the spacious SM Entertainment office were on Yoochun. He was frowning darkly, shaking his head. "I'm sorry."

Lee sighed. "It's not that I want you to whole up in your rooms and never come out unless there's a schedule, but you have to be careful. We all know she's just your neighbor but all that explaining won't do you any good once these trash papers start printing you."

Even the morning news had a little clip of Yoochun and Charlie "holding hands" in public, sensationalized by the reporter stating that witnesses have seen Yoochun's mystery girl going in and out of the DBSK's apartment complex, which incited more rumors about them being together. There were also ‘sources’ who claimed to know that she came to Korea from America to reunite with the singer.

Even only a day after the incident, the media had already featured the video and pictures in so many channels and papers that it called for an emergency meeting. Now all five of them, plus their manager Lee and one of their handlers, Park Jong Bin, were discussing what should be done about the potential scandal."

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Ulsan MBC Anniversary of 2008 Big Music F

Event : Ulsan MBC 2008 Anniversary of Big Music Fiesta

Date : Saturday, 11 October, 2008 7.00pm

Venue : Ulsan Munsu World Cup Stadium

Ticket Price : R seats - 55,000 won/S won seats -44000/A won seats -33000

Artists Performing : TVXQ, Big Bang, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Jewelry, VOS

Organizers : Ulsan MBC

Sponsored by : NER Entertainment (HK) To book tickets in advance
, contact : 1544-1555 or www.interpark.com

Tickets will be available starting on Friday, August 29, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

Credits : DNBN+ yunjaelove.blogspot.com+ www.interpark.com+translation iLoveYunjae@soompi

Yoochun Driving/Outside SM Building

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[Trans]August UFO replies

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I found JJ and Micky's narration letter

Their voices are love...omo ^^

Love Letter-Jaejoong English version[HEYJJ]

Love Letter Narrated by Micky Yoochun (of TVXQ / DBSK)