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Hey there long time no see...i wanna apologize on behalf of my cousin and I because we haven't posted for so long...but we are like soooo busy now...I promise u though i'll try to make it up this weekend..and catch up with all the news of our boys..until then i couldn't manage to help myself not post this....I m sure there are many Twilight fans around here too so i thought u would like to watch the full movie here without no interuptions[megavideo] enjoy^_^
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Just a brief summary :- TWILIGHT is an action-packed, modern-day love story between a teen girl and a vampire. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) has always been a bit different, never fitting in with the girls at her school. When Bella is sent to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington, she doesn't expect much to change. Then she meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a boy unlike any she's ever met.

Edward is a vampire, but he doesn't have fangs and his family is unique in that they choose not to drink human blood. Edward has been waiting 90 years for a soul mate, which he finds in Bella. They are soon swept up in a passionate and unorthodox romance. Edward must struggle to resist the primal pull of her scent, which could send him into an uncontrollable frenzy. But what will they do when a clan of new vampires - James (Cam Gigandet), Laurent (Edi Gathegi) and Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) - come to town and threaten to disrupt their way of life?

credits:to upzilla and whoever uploaded the video and to me cause i thought about the twilight fans too kekeke^_^

DBSK my love !!!

some randome piccies i love ^^
enjoy !! !! !!

the infamous pose from mirotic

junsu doing his thing

famouse pose from wrong number

gorgeous jae x_X

somebody tell these two its rude telling secrets in public aish nandeooo!!!

micky looking good

dead ----
hahahaa joygasm:)))

Wrong Number MV making of

DBSK We Love You - 1년 7개월동안 그들이 참아왔던 말

cassies never seize to amaze me ^^ hwaiting

The words they endured for 1 year and 7 months

"Which singer do you like?"


"Oh, so there are still kids who like DBSK..."

And after 1 year and 7 months,

During the awarding ceremony, what could have they been thinking of?

"I worried a lot that the fans might have already forgotten about us."

For the past 1 year and 7 months, although Cassiopeia wasn't by DBSK's side,
although DBSK wasn't by Cassiopeia's side,

It's not just us alone, there were a lot of people who looked after them.

That's why,

This image,

This image as well,

All of these pretty images of ours

We thought they would have been forgotten.
For even when in foreign places, not in Korea, they saw a lot of these pretty images,

Because even if it was not us, there were a lot of people who loved them...

Could we have been forgotten?

We were.

So insecure.

Just like oppadeul.

Album of the Year Award.


Their first words when they received the award,

"To our sunbaedeul and hoobaedeul who watched out for us,"

With a voice close to tears, bowing his head as low as he can,

"Thank you."

And he said,

"We really..."

"Coming back after a year and seven months,"

"We also had lots of burdens."

"'Would we be able to do well,' was the thought that took lead."

The heartaches that they suffered in secret, for 1 year and 7 months,
they started to confess them one by one.

"Can you see?!"

"Thank you for believing in us!"

No one could be sure about DBSK's 4th album,
during their absence the country's music market changed a lot,
The audience's taste, the trend, they went to the direct opposite from them.

The guys who secretly worried much,

Them who were so afraid of being forgotten soundlessly by people.

Behind people who ask what could DBSK ever worry about while laughing,

There is DongBangShinKi who said, "Thank you for believing in us," and who bowed in gratitude.

Behind, there is a DongbangShinKi who weeps.


For the people who cried along with DongBangShinKi,

Those who waited for 1 year and 7 months,

For Cassiopeia,

"Thank you for waiting for us."

"We love you Cassiopeia!"

Do you see?

Their sincerity in thanking us,

The gently smiling Jaejoongie,

Eyes that were filled with tears, the applauding DongBangShinKi

Even during the times we faltered,

Even during the times when we had no confidence

DongBangShinKi has always been like this,

Five of them standing together.

For a year and seven months, in a place where we can't see far enough, or early enough,

Not knowing when would be the next time we'd say, 'Hello.'

Just as always, situations wherein we have to wait once again would come,

But in those times, without change just like now, we'll be waiting.

Thank you, for being with us.

You're MY EVERYTHING to me.

[Translator's notes] I'm not the most direct translator (I translate things loosely at times), and I've been rushing because my stupid electricity can turn off any minute. :( So if you find corrections (especially near the end part?) please correct me. :D Thank you very much!



~ ~ MNET 2008 ROCKED ! !!!! ~ ~

no subbs yet but i'm sure the girls are working on it neh girls? pali pali with the subs^^
just folow the link adress for the other parts

DBSK 동방신기 - 081115 Star's Friend 1/7

[PERF] {11.15.o8} DBSK//TVXQ - "Wrong Number" @ 2008 MKMF Awards


MKMF results (TVXQ) 1st Award: Auction Best Style 2nd Award: Mobile Popularity 3rd Award: Auction Netizen Popularity 4th Award: Overseas Viewers Award 5th Award: Album Of The Year

2008 Mnet KM Music Festival

The most famous Korean pop music awards ‘2008 Mnet KM Music Festival’ is now coming up with Big bang, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls, TVXQ(東方神起) and more!
Since 1999, the year the first music video awards was held, MKMF has been developing more and more each year. This is their 10th anniversary and they will be celebrating it on Nov. 15th, 2008
To celebrate the 10th anniversary, MKMF will be broadcasted live not only in Korea but in Japan and China as well, being the first Asian music festival to be a global music awards event, presenting us with the best song, best artist and other special prizes and performances that will cover the whole Korean music scene during the last decade.
'2008 Mnet KM Music Festival' will be the best Asian music awards and festival, allowing musicians and fans join together.

it was awesome! the first show i could watch live with dbsk!i was like woohoo
congrats for the 5 awards boys! hwaitin^^

some red carpet piccies

for me?aw u shouldn't have!

getting out of the limo..aish that cat walk


!!!! check out this game !!!!

let's dress jj up!...or undress him...u choose^^oh and btw..dont try to take off the wont cousin tried that allready HA-HA-HA perv!!!
visual shock ahahaha.oh and dont forget to try on the Hamtaro PJ too^^

click here for the game!!!

Hyori & Big Bang - Special Stage (MKMF 2008)

here is the kissing scene i must say i was shoked myself!

hyori and top !

081115 MKMF08 DBSK win Album of the Year - Changmin Cry

cry baby! ^^

oh please just look at xiah how happy he is for the prize...he looks like a little boy who got his long waited toy buhahaha^^ kawaii

the fallen angel/el angel caido
pobresito angelito solo tiene una ala ahora y no puede volar mas

[fancam]DBSK MKMF~YunJae Closeup Hug

the hug scene^^

a close-up awww look how cute they are

and the cry baby again...

Jaejoong taking off his jacket @ MKMF 2008 081115

[fancam]081115 DBSK MKMF~JJ Talking Off Jacket

omo that fangirl gone crazy-mode hahaha
i understand her though...^^

jaejoong unbuttoning his jacket! hot! @ MKMF 2008 081115


TVXQ!’s trip to FRANCE!! :o

9:15 AM, TVXQ! has arrived at DaYing Air Port, the manager left the 4 honeys(Xiah is in Brazil shooting an CF) in the car, sleeping , me and CODY and the security guards took a lot of those air port baskets waiting to check in. This time TVXQ! went to France to take photos. Security guards kept the fans away from the bags, like a circle... = =

Me and Cody's crazy-ness shows again, at the Check In we
were standing next to the manger... We got our pass port first, therefore, we
were waiting for the manger, during that time we made so many eye contacts with
the manger =0=

He is probably thinking about something like.... are those
two girls going to go to France with us? T-T (cry~ cry~)

around 9:45AM, TVXQ! got off the car,

JaeJoong kept his head
down the whole time, he had a colorful hat, had a purple shirt, with blue-ish
boots =_=;;;

Micky had a hat on, he covered his hat with his hood, it looks all
gray-ish colored...

YunHo was wearing school-ish glasses, and formal cloth
=_=;; from our 'point of view' he's goanna become the next boss...

Max is still
the same thing, pony-tail, and a bag on each hand.

After the members came out, the fans and passengers surround
them, so the security guards came, and ignored us... =_=;;

I was following JaeJoong, more like jogging along... I've
just knew that when people walk they have more beat =_=;; but still left leg
right leg...

A lot of fans saw them enter that one place, so they have to
leave, me and Cody entered too =_=;;; then... then... I almost hit JaeJoong
cause of running =_=;; ( but I have to admit his jacket has good fabric... it
feels nice
~ =_=;;) JaeJoong was trying not to laugh when he saw us... Then we
have to go do the check up and etc., JaeJoong's passport was a picture of him
during the "rising sun" time, the black hair, all puffy~ ( Really
want to steal his pass port for some reason... =_=;;

Then is the safety check, we are after JaeJoong..

during the
safety check, I was behind him, then... "SHU-" he took off his
jacket... we saw the "TVXQ" tattoo. (nose bleed... =_=;;;)

Then me
and Cody went to JaeJoong's right side for the safety check, we were staring at
him from the front this time. He was trying to stop laughing at us, we saw the
manger's (next to him) face turn green =_=;;

When it was JaeJoong's turn he
automatically... took off his belt 0_0

Cody and I almost died... Then saw him
pulling out things from his pocket... credit card, coins
:o..l from this neck, from his hand, and many more. (You metal person!) we were on the side making "Ooo~ Ooo~ :o:o" noises =_=;;

he was embarrassed... We saw him entering
that door ( that one checking for metals and stuff, forgot what it's called),
the door sadly rang.

Me and Cody unrespectfully laughed in front of him (cause
he already took off so much stuff out of his pocket... ect...)

JaeJoong felt
funny him self, he had his hand covering his mouth while laughing, the safety
police had to deal with this 'problem child' for a while, for example, he has
to took off his hat (blond hair~ blond hair~!) many more.

After all of us got out of the safety check, we automatically
formed a line... =_=;;; We were still slow jogging next to JaeJoong, YunHo
'CAREFULLY' looked back at us , then turned his head to talk to JaeJoong, they
talked about 5 minutes then YunHo ran to Micky to talk to him... =_=;;

Then the MOST AMAZING THING happened!! :o

ChangMin ran to JaeJoong, asking JaeJoong to help him carry
one of his bag, at the first second JaeJoong's hand reached that bag... HE
... =0=;;; and it's those 'turtle falls' like four leg up in the air... he
was facing us too... and we... once again we laughed so hard at him ( How can
this person fall so easily? it's not like ChangMin put a rock in his bag...

JaeJoong was looking at us, he was laughing really hard too...:)) like this
"Hahaha!!!!~~~~~~~" 3 times, then sat on the floor for a few seconds
(We felt embarrassed him self... those cool styles he usually use... all GONE)
when he got up he cleaned up his butt! >w:o

ChangMin went somewhere with the manger, so only me, Cody,
JaeJoong, YunHo and Micky was left. JaeJoong is probably excited about France,
he was always in the 'crazy mode' doing this air plane shadow with his hand,
then lifting, and super man!! = =;;; YunHo just laugh along, and Micky....
well.... it's just say he's still not awake yet... =_=;;;

[i dont know if the story is true or not but is sure is funny!!] ^^enjoy

for the official article click here!!!

Rain has canceles performance on SBS Inkigayo

Rain in his bad boy outfit is mad at SBS

Rain has canceled his Rainism performance on SBS Inkigayo which will be recorded on 16 November.

Why? What happened?

Rain is really pissed off with SBS. He was performing Rainism at the 1st Water Grand Awards on SBS broadcast. Towards the end of the song, when Rain was dancing with his cane (magic stick), the music went off, and they went to commercial break!! Leaving Bi in the middle of his dance, and his backup dancers looking surprised. Rain politely bowed and walked off the stage.

This slip up will cost SBS Rain's appearance on Inkigayo. Check out this video from a fancam which managed to capture the unfortunate incident.


Pic credit: Asia Economy


[reminds me of the incident today at MNET Music Festival..they did that at Mnet Festival too to a girl singer..dunno her name though..sorry.anyways that's rude...they should stop doing that..sux!]

081112 Water Grand Award Fancam (Evidence)