Do You Have Your Miraculous Cream?

The famous Eight Hour Cream has created Elizabeth Arden more than 70 years ago. The cream was so effective that Miss Arden from the very beginning used it to heal damage on the feet of her thoroughbred horses.

The product name "Eight Hour Cream" comes from the outstanding results of loyal customers who have used glorious cream to nurture children's skin scrapings on knees, and "eight hours later" the skin looked "much better". "Miracle Cream" was born.

What is the secret of its unique formula? What makes apricot balm so effective is the combination of three key ingredients:

- Petrolatum: It deeply moisturizes and soothes the skin intensively.
- Salicylic Acid: It smooths the skin.
- Vitamin E: It protects skin against damage caused by free radicals and meets the requirements of the skin.

Eight perfect way to use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream:

1. Current recovery and protection of the skin - helps irritated skin in winter and summer.
2. Shiny body skin - apply cream on your legs after a regular waxing to prevent dryness or irritation of the skin.
3. Tricks for the lips - protects lips from drying out and gives them a beautiful sheen.
4. Treatment for the feet - the perfect tool for rough heels and soles.
5. Keep your eyebrows shaped - for perfect eyebrows, just apply a thin layer of balm.
6. It softens the cuticle - it is applied to the dry cuticle and keeps them soft, nourished and perfectly manicured.
7. After skiing - apply to the eyelids, cheekbones and lips, and you'll have a fresh and sleek look.
8. It hydrates the skin during the airplane flight - apply a small amount to increase skin moisture.