SBS Gayo Daejun

oh so here's the thing... WE HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT'S WRITTEN UNDER TVfXQ SOUL!!!
if any of u has any idea PLEASE let us know ok?!

more to come..stay tunned!

OMO the video most of u expected
Mirotic performance...


dbsk performance in sbs gayo




Dance Battle @ SBS Gayo Daejun 081229

Piano Battle (full) ~ Taeyang vs. Junsu @ SBS Gayo Daejun 081229

081229 - Gayo Daejun - Wonderboys 2 - Nobody + Kissing You

081229 - Gayo Daejun - SHINee Medley



yeah good one xD

dong bang boys waiting for santa aww keopta^^





New piccies from singles magazine :X:X

Heaven's Postman in a magazine

nice wallpapers for the phone ;)

So Xmas is almost here! The food is ready the family is gathered have urself a Merry little Xmas!!!


081224 DBSK & Big Bang in SBS War - Preview

look forward for this

DBSK - Angels We Have Heard On High

DBSK - Santa Claus is coming to town

DBSK carol

TVXQ/DBSK-The first noel

dbsk and boa singing o holy night


now go to sleep and don't peek Santa sees u!!


~Two more days until the 5th DBSK aniversary~

HAHAA NOW THIS IS....hahahahaha remember the last "Happy togheter"show at the "don't laugh sauna" when micky said that he hates those pancards with his funny face from happy togheter/well..u can't escape what ur most afraid of chunnie dear hahahaha and looks like the fans prepared something special for u this time:)))) a new UPDATED version of ur silly face from "happy togheter show" ROFL i cracked up! oh and junsu is no less funnier than u so gwencana^^
aww anyhow cassies dont be mean..u know the boys are bothered of these signs,they can't concentrate properly while they sing when they see this kind of signs:)) haha so take it easy ne? we dont want to upset the boys now dont we?

DBSK on Happy Together [Eng Sub, 3/4]

haha watch from 8:00 there is the part when micky espresses his complains about the signs ^__^


I would like to tell u a nice Xmas story:)...It starts with once upon a time:) haha jk.
One day a good friend of mine,Yunnie eleen, told me a nice true story.I liked her story very much so i decided to share it with u too.I'll show you the exact conversation we had on YM.We were talking about her problems in making friends with some koreans in her country...because she is a muslim.

" yunnieleen: myb they wont befriend me coz of my...
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: huh, i dunno..
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: appearance?
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: huhu
kity cia: LOL?
kity cia: meaning?
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: that's like a border 4 me..
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: u knoe what
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: here
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: korean r not much into friendly atmosphere wif muslim
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: bcoz
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: me n fren planned 2 go 2 one korean village here
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: n we tried 2 make friends wif them
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: but initially, they like saw us wif cold impression
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: i think myb bcoz we were wearing scarf~
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: n after that then we came up wif plan
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: 2 make a t-shirt
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: wif dbsk n some of korean lang printed on d shirt

i asked her to take pictures of the T-shirt so i can show it to you all^^ so here it is

this is the front of the T-shirt

this is the back of the T-shirt
"it's a TVXQ thing you wouldn't understand!!!" hahaha so clever of u girls *claps
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: then they suddenly become friendly
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: haha
kity cia: its like dbsk unites them all
kity cia: lol
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: Lol
kity cia: )))))))))))))
kity cia: whoaa
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: dun laugh
kity cia: claps for dbsk!
kity cia: and for yunnie
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: it's true babe
kity cia: cause she is so inventive
kity cia: did u ever tried to talk to them before the t-shirt? and they rejected you?
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: hurm....
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: yeap, from d seller of d shop
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: we juz like said 2 them certain korean words
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: like aniyang haseyo
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: they smiled but not as friendly as we would have expected
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: after they wore that shirt, then they started 2 accept us lol
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: n been so friendly
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: n i recall u said dat~~~~
sazlina zainal yunnieleen: YEAH~ DBSK UNITES US ALL~! "

More airport pics

pik a boo jae i see youuuuu^^

Credits: as tagged + p-rico@DNBN + fangirlmitz
Please take out with full credits~

[PHOTOS] 081223 Gimpo Airport (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

And the boys are back in Korea for the MBC Starry Night End of Year Contest (watch out for that later tonight!), the 5th TVXQ Debut Anniversary and the SBS Gayo Daejun!~

ah~ speaking of airports...reminds me of our trip to california can't wait!!!!

"I have a dream!"
that every californian DBSK fan would come to greet us at LAX airport on the 15th of january 2009 :))) joke would be nice though:)))

Credits: as tagged + TVXQbaidu + fangirlmitz
Please take out with full credits~

Singles Magazine made a very nice description of our boys.Check out the translations from Yuhno-shii forum !

[TRANS] 081222 Staff Diary Entry in Iple - Special Present For U . ..^_^

Hello. It's T.

It's been a long time.

The weather is cold again.

Surely the flu comes easily.

It is not welcome by guest..

Make sure to prepare medicine with a tissue with you.

It's being inconvenient but…What...^ _ ^

When it lives it will see like that and the winter will hang and one is passing by it will feel well!!!

A lot of good news for the last 2 (judonganen?)

So today…I was like this

Prepared to present to him ...
This photograph…At the time of pictorial photographing

If you see the photo out of the test

Collect all these pictures!

It opens to the public to everybody and in order I take the photograph~

With the photograph which is finally printed in the magazine, a little possibility it is but

Compared to it does to make the atmosphere of the scene feel a little silence in everybody. ^ _ ^

And one more picture!

It does not require much explanation. Blah
The day when it's photograph, the weather comes to be cold absurdly,

We all felt a bit cold.

Fighting with a heart

You can see the new look of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

They make good effort for the photoshoot!!!

We are TVXQ!! ^ _ ^

The step to prepare all and

To take a picture with us~!!!

Thank you all!

Everybody now~

Come together to create a good story!!

At the end of 2008 to continue ~ ~ ~ you will see next?

Have a nice day of the week, by the way,

Go with them, okay?

Take care of your health,

Have a great week with a gift!!!

You'll see. ^ _ ^

Source: TVXQ Iple + DNBN
Rough translation by: xietin94 @xietinloveshero
*Might contain inaccuracies*

[Article] Tohoshinki ranked 1st on HMV 2008 Chart

This year, Tohoshinki's 4th Korean Album - MIROTIC manage to sweep though Japan's largest music charts, HMV topping 1st on the list for the Asia category. In November, USEN 2008 on-demand chart has ranked Tohoshinki's ballad "Doumini coopere Kimi wo Suki ni natte Shimattandarou" 1st on the chart (Statistics from January 4, 2008 to December 4, 2008).

In addition, in year 2004 Tohoshinki came out with a Christmas Album "Christmas Gift from 동방신기" which was ranked 9th in the chart listing as well. Following Tohoshinki's 1st ranking is SS501's Mini Album "U R MAN" and 3rd rank, Jay Chou's album "Capricorn".

A company in Japan also states that, Tohoshinki in Japan is in fact, receiving a high degree of welcome and by continuing touring/promoting in Japan, good results will soon surface. Tohoshinki will also appear on NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen on 31st of December, 2008.

Take out with full credits
Source: Baidu
Translated by: lollyribena @Xietinloveshero
re_up: 2uAngels

[INFO]Japanese Newspaper "Yomiuri" Sells Out After Printing TVXQ Special

"TVXQ's popularity in Japan is not to be blocked."
Japan's daily newspaper "Yomiuri" printed a special interview with TVXQ and ended up selling out extremely quickly. This has become much talked about.

In their Pop Style Section on the 17th, "Yomiuri" had 'Facing the World, Five Not-So-Ordinary People' as their topic, and used two spreads to report on TVXQ's story before debut and their success story in Japan.

TVXQ's fans even called to order in order to get their hands on this issue of the newspaper. Because of the high demand, they started becoming out-of-stock, a miraculous sight.

On the 18th, through a member of their forum, "Yomiuri" announced the good reception and sales of their issue with TVXQ on the 17th. Those involved with this issue, through the member of the forum, said, "Readers, we thank you for all the orders for our issue with TVXQ's special on the 17th. Our company wishes to have enough copies to satisfy everyone's orders, but as of now we are out of stock. Please forgive us for not being able to satisfy everyone's orders."

A newspaper selling out because of the printing of a Top Star interview, no matter which country it happens in, is a first in history.

4 time Oricon Weekly number one spot winner TVXQ will perform for their first time at NHK's Red/White Concert on the 31st. Also, they will also appear on the TBS New Year's Special Music program "CDTV SP Premiere Live" to be broadcasted on the same day. Now, we can really feel their high popularity.

Translation: jae!fany@ Shinki! Forums (
Source: XiahKing + Mr. TVXQ

B4 i end this post i wanna share a special comercial with you

hyun bin LG
kyaa i have the same phone^_^ let's shine togheter hyun bin shii^^

ugh i hate this holiday break, i get bored easily! all the series i'm watching are taking a break for the second season arghhhhh what am i gonna watch nao??? "worlds within"is taking a break,"true blood" is taking a break,"gossip girl" is taking a break...and they only start next january and february:((( otoke????


I found an interesting article from Time Magazine about Lee Soo Man(dbsk's manager)
read the article here:

time magazine article


i love this song of Jae ^_^

Changmin's UFO replies....keke

Fan: If you don't reply, we'll meet at the Han River on December 25th! I know you'll go on a date with me. Keke!
Changmin: I definitely don't want! Hahaha

^ oh Minnie, you are so , just tell her you have a date with me....keke

Fan: Oppa, today is my birthday~~~~~
Changmin: Happy Birthday!

Fan: What did this person eat to grow such good looks?
Changmin: Ah~ Yeah...It's not like this~
(Fan probably sent a picture of Changmin)

^ what do you mean it's not like

Fan: It's oppa right? Keke, you must stand in a stable position!
Changmin: Hahahhaha ^^
(Fan sent a picture of Changmin and Chun in the Singles magazine standing sideways)

^ Changmin is a PRO model .....xD that's why

Fan: Oppa, today is my parents' marriage anniversary! I didn't give them anything...T_T No~
Changmin: Tell your parents thank you for giving birth to you, and then wash the dishes and clean up~

^ puahhaha, very typical and straight forward minnie~ ...xD

Fan: This will taste good for sure oppa! Buy this for me to eat! T___T Come on Baby~
Changmin: ;;; I'll buy it for you to eat ^^;;
(The fan sent a picture of Changmin, LOL O_O She wants to eat him?)

^ buhahhahaa ..... so cute~

Fan: T__T Wen I sleep with a snuffy nose I snore! T___T It's always so stuffy.
Changmin: If it's like careful when you sleep~

Fan: Let's make handsome Chang laugh~
Changmin: Using what?

^ lol, very blunt indeed

Fan: You want to eat pizza right? You want to eat it?
Changmin: It's tasty for sure~
(Fan sent a picture of pizza)

Fan: Oppa I really do hurt~
Changmin: If it's like this, eat some medicine and hurry and go to bed~

Fan: I can do it! Although oppa has it really hard, you guys can still show us your hardworking and smiling side. ♥ I have it really hard to, but I will work hard to show you my smiling side! Youngwoong Jaejoong fighting! Choikang Changmin Fighting! Uknow Yunho fighting! Micky Yoochun fighting! ... TVXQ fighting! .... and Xiah Junsu fighting ^^
Changmin: Fighting! ^^

Fan: Changmin Goon whose looking better and better lately...perfect movie face...amazing~ You're really good keke~
Changmin: ^^ Thank you ^^

Fan: When frustrated, eat jjajjangmyun. When worrying, eat noodle soup. When healing, eat fried rice. What does oppa want to eat?
Changmin: Sleep.

^ puhhahahhaa, here comes Minnie's food..... lol ...... when he can't handle it ....SLEEP is the word...xD

Fan: Because oppa is mine. Nothing can change this. Tetetejjimbom.
Changmin: ;;;

^ umm, changmin is MINE!!...xD

Fan: If oppa cries, I'll cry too, do you know? T___T Thank you oppa for working so hard. ♥ Love you forever ^^
Changmin: ^^

Fan: I prepared this for oppa! I made these muffins at school and wrote TVXQ! on top of it with walnuts! ♥
Changmin: Muffins! Ahwa~

Fan: 12-26 ♥ Exciting date! I want to have a date with this man~ I must succeed! Fighting! Eukyangkyang
Changmin: ^^

Fan: I live for oppas~~!
Changmin: Living only for us... Can't do that ;;

^ keke, me 2

Fan: Don't you want to see the sea? On really cold days the vast ocean is especially pretty... ^^
Changmin: It's really pretty right ^^

Fan: You are my life.
Changmin: ^^ Hahaha

Fan: I just ate pork! Are you jealous? Keke~
Changmin: No~ Not jealous! Haha

^ ROFL .....

Fan: I strongly recommend this movie! (She talks about a movie here) Oppa will like it a lot if he watches it!
Changmin: It must be really interesting ^^
Fan: GO
Changmin: ;;;

Fan: ^^....
Changmin: ^^

Fan: That man will become my man. Haha
Changmin: That won't happen as you wish...T_T
(Fan had a picture of Changmin)

^ ..... sad huh ~

Fan: ^^ Do this again...
Changmin: I did it! Ha~
(Fan had a picture of Min smiling and doing a thumbs up sign)

^ xD, must be VERY cute~

Fan: Oppa, you don't want to reply me?
Changmin: Yes.

^ ahh~ you are being mean oppa~

Fan: This person's name is Shim Changmin~ Look at me and love me ♥. So I have something to say too~ Oppa I love you~~~~ ♥
Changmin: ^^ Keke~

Fan: Hey boy! ^^ What are you doing?
Changmin: Not much~ ^^

Fan: Oppa hello!
Changmin: Hello~

Fan: Are U man?
Changmin: ^^ Yes, is there a problem...?

^ buhahhahahaha, this must be a the BEST question that the fans have ASK.....ROFL

Fan: I started dreaming at 10, dreamed that I was going into oppa's dorms! So I took off my shoes immediately wand wanted to go in. Then my brother came home and I woke because of the noisy doorbell! Aiyayaya! I wanted to go in....If I sleep again, will I continue that dream?
Changmin: Impossible

^ hai~ .....minnie.... you just crush a fangirl's dream ....xp

Fan: You who doesn't reply!
Changmin: Me??

^ acting if he doesn't know.....there, Mr. INNOCENT

(The following one is from 11-27)
Fan: Changmin oppa, I bought this just for you. Please enjoy it!
Changmin: Hahhaahhaaha
Fan: Changmin oppa, let's get married. I'll buy the ring~ ^^*
Changmin: I'll buy it for you.
Fan: Changmin oppa ah, did you eat the pork I bought you? I took this picture especially for oppa~ It's pretty right? ♥
Changmin: I'll buy it for you.
Fan: Changmin oppa, are you buying me pork or a ring? ^^
Changmin: Both.

^ sweetest REPLY YET!!! .......... changmin ahh~ Saranghae..... ^^

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: Oh Micky + Mr. TVXQ

.....gah~ Minnie's reply is ALWAYS mean / Blunt ....xD, of coz some are sweet .....

Changmin always have TIME to reply UFO ( other than Yunho reply a few ....the other members seems to be VERY busy)

I would like to recommand you an interesting movie to watch at these times

The Pangea Day Mission & Purpose

In a world where people are often divided by borders, difference, and conflict, it's easy to lose sight of what we all have in common.

Pangea Day seeks to overcome that — to help people see themselves in others — through the power of film.

Pangea Day movie preview

watch full Pangea movie here!


Wear warm clothes,eat lots of vitamins and get urself into xmas spirit as fast as u can because there's only two more days left until Santa's arrival ^__^
TIPS FOR GETTING INTO XMAS SPIRIT: download all SMTown's Winter collection from dbsk archives kekekke ok enjoy and have urself a merry christmas! i know it's hard without snow but with a little luck it will snow soon(i hope!) xD
oh and btw we need a new poll and we're out of ideas...if u have any please don't hesitate to email us and let us know.write to us everything and anything u want us to post here..if u have any fanmade stuff about dbsk,drawings and stuff like that and u want people to see it...let us know just email us ok?You should already know that many people from all over the world visits this blog to get updated with dbsk news so u should take advantage of this chance i'm offering u us and let other fans see ur creations and ur love ^_^
looking forward for ur emails! (lelis)
and (kity)

kity loves'yah ^^v