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Mirotic - Version B (Album)

Ray Magazine (Nov 2008)

2008.09.30 SBS Power Time Radio

2008.09.29 Super Junior's Kiss the Radio


TVXQ Mirotic Gifs SBS Inkygayo +~Sweet voices in the night~

TVXQ Mirotic Gifs SBS Inkygayo







JaeJae at 080928 SBS "Comeback Special" - Mirotic

~Sweet voices in the night~

Leader U-know~Jung Yunho

Bass .. why? Low, husky, rich and manly voice. His vocal range is quite good as he proven his abilites in various perfs.. especially the "dbsg_sings" vid where he challenged Xiah in going higher and higher.. I would say he improves the most! In Hug, he does the verse only, doesn't require any adlibs.I tot all he could do was sing safe parts n rap.I was totally wrong!Proof:Rising sun & One.In RS, his shouting at the end "Rise Up!"..RAWR!he blew us off!That fierce & powerful voice! He did many adlibs in One too!

ONSTAGE - He seldom goes off-key, so he's really steady and confident. Be it high or low key, he makes sure that he won't go wrong in the perfs!!A dependent leader he is~^^

Micky~Park Yoochun

Bass too .. His voice is the sexiest~ blurred-huskiest~ manliest~ deepest~ penetrates the deepest into every fan's heart! He does most of the talking, rap in the song, as well as english parts.They r so pround that he's from the States-_-"he's such a fob!However, his english is still somehow better than the other 4..You know when he whispers "girl .. " I get goosebumps!That deep voice can just melt everyone's heart! he composed "yeo u bi" & did a great job expressing the song~y?that deep voice + ballad..what else can we expect?!

ONSTAGE - He's one of the bad ones-_-"he always goes off-key n sings really soft (probably he holds the mic too far?!)his voice is very unstable in perfs!usually it's him or changmin who spoils the songT.T(no offence,ling>.<)but the way he shouts "Now I cry under my skin...haneureul.." in Rising Sun, i find it so sexy!!FYI, they sang RS live twice!~

Hero~Kim Jae Joong

Lead vocal..On a bass key, he has that deep (not as deep as yunho's n micky's tho),sharp,demanding kind of voice;On a normal key, he sings in a soft, feminine and soothing voice, just like se7en; on a high key, he owns a strong, powerful, manly voice. It's so strong that it give u chills n that kind of frequency actually makes ur heart shakes!gahh!!!how sexy he is!I can't imagine him whispering beside my ear!He has the widest vocal range after changmin.In 'Tonight', he sings "I know our love is a miracle, keudae ne ane.."gosh!the way he builds up his voice to the highest note is SUPERB!! and whenever he does adlibs, his head will turn to the side..no idea..habit?U'll never c him sings in a painful expression, he does it calm n confidently.in most of their songs, he does falsettos, adlibs, of course the lead vocal starts the song..How fantastic can he be?!He is constantly improving in his vocals..

ONSTAGE - He improves alot here!!during 'Hug' days, he used to sing out of tune at the starting of the songs, once he even came in at a wrong beat for a 'Hug' perf!. But since last yr, he has been having minimal mistakes onstage!and duh..Falsettos will never go off-key~However,i must mention that, in jaejoong's case, the higher the note, the more stable his voice is!The moment he does adlib, it'll blow us off n our hearts will have earthquakes!It's THAT powerful~

Xiah~Kim Junsu

Mid-lead vocal..His job is to harmonize Jaejoong's voice.Having a hoarse, sore-throat voice, he does the normal singing in the song, as well as adlibs. Usually Jaejoong n Junsu will do this part. In 'Miduhyo', both of them sang as if they r answering each other~ Then in 'Tonight', he starts off the song with a loud, persuading voice, as if trying to release himself from emo breakdowns!!His low voice is sth sharp n soft, but with a hint of hoarseness. His high notes r usually loud, husky,(boyish type of) manly.The other four always complained abt him being so noisy singing in their apartment n micky can't sleep!!XDThis guy,at the age of puberty, losts his voice n couldn't debut!he has to go to the field n shout for one hour!!maybe this was destined to be in TVXQ,that's y he failed to debut twice because of puberty~

ONSTAGE - The most stable voice.He seldom sings out of tune since tvxq debut, almost none!salutes*the most that i can think of is maybe 3 times..once, it was at the Voice of Children concert where they sang 'Tonight'. yeah..THAT'S ALL! It's so amazing how he can do it perfectly in every perf!probably that's y he gets to sing the most in japan perfs..

Max~Shim Changmin

High vocal .. ("soprano" would sound weird).. usually quiet in front of the cam, but his voice could reach unearthly levels, even he himself doesn't know how high can he himself go!that stick's vocal is really unimaginable-_-"With this ability, he does most of the screaming, high notes aka the impossible pitches for the other four.In 'Hi Ya Ya', at the near ending part 'pyeoheoni seoteulgo..eosaekaji mollado..', he sings with his REAL voice effortlessly, whereas yunho n jaejoong does with falsettos.His low voice..normal boy's voice?Max's voice is really special coz
1. He could be as powerful as he wanted to - he's LOUD!-
2.His vocal range is amazing
3.He has various singing styles, not just one!^^
singing styles
i) sharp, "boy boy"kinda sound
ii)oddly freezing but calming ballad voice
iii)extremely sharp and high pitched used for screams like the "No!" in Rising Sun
iv)rough,manly voice for power-packed perfs

ONSTAGE - He has trouble controlling his voice all the while~ forces it too much..at his adlibs,he tend to get out of control~he needs to improve on this^^then he'll do well.. The good thing is that everybody can hear him, he's very loud! However, i find that he has been trying very hard in recent perfs!i can c a painstaking expression whenever he does an adlib.i'm really worried for him~probably he's sickT.T or maybe his voice is going through a rough time~just maybe! again, it's probably coz he's just so powerful. no wonder he's "The Strongest" as his name says it. hmm he's admitted before that he's not very good at singing but will try hard to improve.. in the 060522 MTV Japan Msize vid there was a short clip of them performing live and he sang perfectly and not as uncontrollably loud as before.




JaeChun performing ^^

hiihih i love what they're wearing,especially that almost-pink thing Xiah is wearing it's the sweetest thing i've ever seen!

Jae giving it all

Jae's smeexiness

Aw just look at the way he is holding his little finger..so concentrated hehe relax Jae ur awesome!

haha it's THE LITTLE FINGER again..he is holding it like a british man drinking his tea^^ kawaii desu ^^

Ok everybody i want all of u to meet JiEun Erin Kim,she's a korean girl living in the USA and she will be our co-author.She's going to translate all the korean news we'll find about DBSK from now on.Im sure u'll love her as she is a very sociable person and she has a very interesting story about her dbsk love.She was also lucky enough to meet them face to face in the US 4 years ago and even got an autograph from Xiah and JaeJoong ^^ lucky her ne?So let's give her a warm WELCOME TO THE HG!
she is the one in the left corner of the photo^^pretty neh?Please look forward for her translations.

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