Nivea: 100 Years Of Skin Care

Celebrating the hundredth anniversary of its presence on the market in May, Nivea began a large global campaign.

Well-known Nivea, the largest skin care brand in the world, has an impressive marketing budget of one billion euros to spend, among other things, on the involvement of popular Rihanna in their campaign.

The campaign under the motto "NIVEA: 100 years skincare for life", will be geared primarily toward younger consumers. Consultative tour is planned, which will include contacts with customers and the expected 1.7 million individual skin analysis.

For the popularity of the campaign on social networks and convergence of the brand to a younger population, will make sure Nivea's new spokeswoman. Beauty from Barbados is not selected by chance: her music is currently the most wanted product on YouTube and her official video has over a billion hits. It is interesting that Rihanna's U.S. and European tour, sponsored by Nivea, will be held parallel with Niveinom campaign.

"The significant investments around the world on the occasion of the anniversary we want to strengthen the position of Nivea as the number one in skin care," said Markus Pinger, a member of the Board of Beiersdorf, responsible for brands.