Decadent Chocolate Body Scrub

Chocolate has experienced a boom in recent years as part of the cosmetic industry. Today, every beauty salon or spa offers a treatment from this old delicacy.

Cocoa can prevent damage to collagen, elastin and other skin proteins that is caused by free radicals. Thanks to cocoa - the skin retains a youthful appearance and tension. There is some chocolate body scrubs that you can buy. I would have to suggest GIOVANNI Chocolate Sugar Scrub 9 oz which has crushed cocoa beans and is one of my favorite body scrubs.

To enjoy the benefits of decadent chocolate on your skin you don't need to go to the wellness center. We bring you a recipe for body scrub on the chocolate base that will nurture your skin, make it velvety and shiny! This treatment is designed for two.

So, grab your partner and take him to the shower!


* three tablespoons of water
* three tablespoons of honey
* two pieces of dark chocolate without sugar (the higher proportion of cocoa, the better)
* a cup of sugar
* half a cup of sweet almond oil
* four drops of essential oil of sandalwood
* two drops of vanilla
* some nutmeg

Mix chocolate, water and honey and melt it by cooking on the stove or in a microwave. Add sugar, oil and nutmeg. Mix all ingredients well in a compact mixture which is applied to wet skin. Gently massage the body using a circular motion, from foot to head. Rinse with warm water and dry body tapping it with a towel.