How to look beautiful without make up

1)Sleep well and keep hydrated: it makes your skin look young and healthy. It also improves shadows and circles around eyes.
2)If you have acne, use a salicylic acid treatment and a benzoil peroxide treatment; both are different medications that improve your face frastically if used for a long period of time.
3)Wash your face and apply either a tinted moisturiser or a self-tanner of your choice.
4)Try transparent mascara. It makes your eyes stand out, but is much more natural looking than black mascara. You could also try curling eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and fresh. This is cute for women who don't want to wear mascara.
5)If you do want to add a little make-up, wear some pink blush to brighten your look, or some light lip balm to keep lips moisturised. One thing to do if you can't keep away from make-up is to use healthy options. Try a light lip gloss with SPF protection that protects your lips.
6)Don't choose a haristyle for yourself just because its 'in'. Wear one that fits your face structure and looks good on you.
7)Shampoo your hair every other day, but condition every day. This will make your hair look good and not get rid of those important natural oils in hair that make hair in perfect condition; neither greasy or dirty.
8)Drink lots of water. It'll make your skin look fabulous without any make-up. Also, sunscreen will help keep your skin in great condition as well.
9)Always make sure you are clean and smell good. Most important, be confident about yourself. That's the best investment.