How to look beautiful during pregnancy

Most pregnant women carry a practiced patient smile to thank anyone who compliments their looks, hair or complexion. When you are bloated and feel uncomfortable sitting and getting up, it's hard to believe that you can actually look anything but ugly. But that's not true.
The hormone levels and increased blood flow in the body actually makes the hair shiny and less susceptible to falling. Similarly, the complexion improves and there is a 'glow' around the woman, specifically in the second trimester. The stretching bump cannot be avoided, but you can do lots to look beautiful.
Get nice clothes: Your state of mind affects the baby. It is imperative that you enjoy being pregnant and don't look at it as a problem. Shopping for a new pregnant wardrobe will not only create excitement, it will also help with your self-confidence when you walk around with a protruding belly. Maternity clothes range is a booming business and you can pick the latest trends. If you have nice legs, you can pick clothes that draw attention to your legs. Nice arms also could help centre the attention there. It also helps to buy new lingerie that makes you feel sexy. Lastly, stop fretting. Pregnancy is natural and beauty shines through a pregnant belly.
Make up: Don't give up makeup completely. It's good to stay away from chemicals, but if make up makes you feel confident, go ahead and do some. It will be good for you. Avoid hair colors and strong perfumes that may irritate you.
Exercise: Go for your prescribed walks and exercises throughout your pregnancy time. Not only do they make the delivery easy, they also keep your skin cells oxygenated and glowing fresh.
Hydrate: Drink lots of water (at least 8-12 glasses) every day. You and your baby both need water. Water will help your body flush out toxins and make your skin glow. It will also help with acidity that comes along at later stages of pregnancy.
Hair care: Your hair will be naturally lustrous during pregnancy due to estrogen levels and increased blood circulation. Carry them well in the style most flattering for you. Avoid experimentation as hair goes through turmoil after delivery. Also avoid coloring your hair.
Sleep well: Get proper sleep all the time and more so when you are pregnant. Your body is tired carrying the extra weight around. You must rest it properly. The sleep will also give your skin time to rejuvenate and look good.
Sunscreen: Sometimes irregular pigmentation appears on the face during pregnancy. This is hormonal and will go away after delivery. However, wear a good sunscreen when you step out of the house.
Massage: Massage your body regularly to reduce stress and avoid stretch marks.
Above all, remember that men all over the world adore 'full women' and for a man there is nobody more beautiful than the woman who carries his child.